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8 Pregnancy Information You Need to Know

For those of you who are pregnant for the first time or are planning to become pregnant, you must be curious as to what it feels to be pregnant. Many say if you are pregnant like this or that. So, to avoid confusion, consider various pregnancy information that is important to know in the following. Questions such as 'What will I feel while pregnant?' Or 'What should I do while pregnant?', May have crossed my mind when you intend to undergo a pregnancy program or just found out that you are pregnant. Some of the answers you may have gotten from parents, relatives, or friends who have been pregnant. However, is the information about pregnancy true? Some Information About Pregnancy The following are some important pregnancy information to know so that you are better prepared for pregnancy: 1. Signs you are pregnant One of the main signs that you might be pregnant is not menstruating. This possibility can be strengthened by the appearance of other symptoms of pregna
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How to deal with inflammation of the external ear and prevent it from coming back

Inflammation of the external ear is a condition in which the ear canal which is in front of the eardrum experiences an infection or inflammation. Inflammation of the external ear needs to be treated properly so it does not develop into a more serious condition and does not reappear. External ear inflammation generally occurs because water enters the ear and is not drained, so the ear canal becomes moist. This condition makes bacteria or fungus easier to breed. One of the activities most at risk of causing inflammation of the external ear is swimming. How to deal with inflammation of the external ear Pain in the ear is the main symptom of inflammation of the external ear. This ear pain will get worse when chewing and when the outside of the ear is depressed. To reduce pain due to inflammation of the external ear, you can take pain relievers that are sold freely in pharmacies, such as paracetamol. In addition to relieving symptoms, the cause also needs to be treated. In inflammat

Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water for Health

Mineral water is water that has been supplemented with minerals needed by the body and provides many benefits, including maintaining smooth skin, maintaining body fluid balance, controlling calories, maintaining normal bowel function and preventing constipation. Mineral water is different from ordinary water that has no measurable mineral levels, or even that has been purified until it contains no minerals at all. Water is an important element for the health needs of everyone. It is important to meet the needs of body fluids every day. For example, children aged 5-13 years ideally drink a range of 5-8 glasses a day, whereas adult men and women should ideally drink about 10-15 glasses a day. Meet the Mineral Needs of the Body In one study, the benefits of drinking mineral water can prevent blood vessel diseases, such as hypertension and giving birth to babies with low birth weight, due to a lack of magnesium nutrients that are found in mineral water. Not only adults, babies also